Cu Boulder Engineering Acceptance Rate

CU Boulder Engineering Program Admission Chances?

The engineering school is extremely difficult to get into directly. The average admitted GPA is around a 4.0, and SAT/ACT around the 95th percentile and above. If you do have stats similar to this, I would say you have a fair shot. If you don’t get directly into engineering you will be admitted into either pre-engineering or exploratory studies in arts and sciences (or rejected/waitlisted, but I highly doubt that if you have decent stats) I would say go for it. There’s not much you can lose as you’ll almost certainly be admitted into the university itself.

As a rising senior I have some questions, CU Boulder and it’s engineering program is one of my top choices when I apply there for the fall. A lot of my high school friends go there and it would be a great fit for me. I’m majoring in CS and set on it as it’s what I want to do and I have the grades for it.

Aerospace is the best program at Boulder. My daughter is gong to decline UC Berkeley, where she got into a different major, and they gave her scholarship too, despite being OOS. She will decline that – to go to Boulder Aerospace.

Colorado college are no longer required to consider test scores and most have indicated (through supporting the bill while it was in the legislature) that they don’t want to. Unlike California, the schools are not prohibited from considering them, but I think it is likely most will not or at least become test optional.

I was offered admissions at the College of engineering and applied science for fall of 2021. I did well in high school. I got good SAT & ACT scores, and wrote a seemingly well essay. I am glad I was offered admissions and earlier in may I committed. These are statistics provided by Graduatehotline: ” 8542 (Applications), 3485 (Offered admissions ), 850 (Accepted )” That is about a 40% acceptance rate so slightly competitive. Although only about 10% of the applicants confirmed their intent to enroll.

University of Colorado Boulder

Boulder also offers strong academic support including free tutoring for students in freshman dorms. Every department offers dorm tutors. Students who need additional academic support can submit their paperwork after May 15 to apply for any accommodations they need. More and more kids need accommodations and Boulder has made them available.

Mid-50% admission statistics for Arts & Sciences are: GPA 3.37-4.0, ACT 24-30, new SAT 1170-1350.

Business majors have a GPA of 3.54-4.0, ACT of 27-31, and new SAT of 1270-1380. Grades in math classes are very important.

Freshmen live on campus and there are a variety of residential/academic living options: major-based living and learning, hobby-based living and learning, and new in 2017 FIGs (First Year Interest Groups) focused on specialized academic topics (examples include Sustainable Communities and Cultures, Social Justice).

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