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1. Do you capitalize grade levels in school? – Capitalize My Title

Do you capitalize grade levels in school? - Capitalize My Title

2. Grammar: Does the phrase 'middle school' need the M and the …


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3. APA Style 6th Edition Blog: How to Write Grade Numbers in …


If you write about students in elementary, middle, or high school, then … When the word grade is followed by a numeral, always capitalize grade …

4. Style and Usage Guide – Seattle Public Schools


Check capitalization rules (see below) for words that may be capitalized … school, schools — Capitalize when part of a proper name: Olympic View Elementary …

5. Question: Are School Grades Capitalized? – Ecommerce

Question: Are School Grades Capitalized?

Is Middle School capitalized in a sentence? Middle school capitalized here as the beginning of a sentence, else it's middle school. A middle school (also known as …

6. Washington Elementary School District Editorial Style Guide


capitalization, spelling and punctuation of words – not … o the District (capitalized) … District (WESD) is composed of 27 elementary and K-8 schools, and five.

7. Is elementary capitalized? – Answers – Answers.com


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8. Know these thirteen rules of CAPITALIZING NOUNS: TITLES …


Capitalize names of specific places and institutions (businesses, schools, buildings, parks, etc.) Jon graduated from South Miami High School. no caps – Jerry …

9. Writing Style Guide – The Bear Creek School


Writing Style Guide – The Bear Creek School. … When using these abbreviations as an adjective, do not capitalize students or other … elementary, Lower school.



CAPITALIZATION RULES. MS. PRYZBYLKOWSKI, D-6, LA. 13. Do not capitalize the names of school subjects: science, reading, math. *Do capitalize languages …

11. When should I capitalize the word "principal"? – English …


Principal should be capitalized when used as a title preceding the name of the person but … Let us welcome Bob, the principal of the school. … noun, such as "Principal Skinner", or "Mr. Skinner, Principal of Springfield Elementary School".

12. MMSD References & Grammar | Communications


Only capitalize the title designation if it precedes a person's name. Example: "Board … Example: "Glenn Stephens Elementary School won an award." Additional …