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What Is My Commitment For Taking An HPSP Scholarship?

Since the U.S. military is paying for your med school, it’s only fair you have to pay it back—so to speak. You will pay it back through a 1 to 1 payback in military service. If you completed med school in four years, you are bound to be a military doctor for at least four years.

What Will Med School Be Like?

As an HPSP scholar, med school is not much different than your civilian peers. You take the same classes and don’t have to wear your uniform to class. You will have to attend officer training and take part in one 45-day training session each year you get scholarship funds. During training, you can still study for exams at your med school, do research, or perform clinical rotations at military treatment facilities. You will wear your uniform during training periods.

What Kind Of Military Training Do I Have To Go Through?

During your first or second year, you will complete a 2 to 14-week officer orientation program (depending on the military service). During training, you’ll learn about the customs and traditions of military life as you transition to the military. You attend this training if you have had no prior commissioned officer experience.

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