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The city of Miami, Florida brings to mind tropical weather, vibrant nightlife, and exciting cultural events. But it’s also home to one of the nation’s best colleges, the University of Miami. A tier-1 private research school, UM was founded in 1927.

Its 239-acre campus features not only state-of-the-art facilities, including the Gifford Arboretum and the Ring Theater, but a beautiful quad where students can study, play, and relax.

With an endowment of $1.05 billion, UM is well-suited to train the next generation of scholars, athletes, and community leaders. That money goes to not only the school’s excellent faculty but also its state-of-the-art resources. Medical students can practice their trade at the 153-acre Miller School of Medicine. All students can study in the newly renovated Ritcher Library, as well as the Architecture Research Center and specialized Law, Business, and Music Libraries.

These excellent resources result in impressive retention and graduation rates. Not only did 91% of students in 2014 stay in the school, but 72% also graduated within four years or less.

With its wonderful campus, numerous resources, and strong student community, it’s clear that the University of Miami belongs among the best schools in the United States.


Asking students how they got into the University of Miami

University of Miami Admissions Stats

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Enter your test scores to see how you compare.

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Top Tier is Our Specialty

  • Alexandra to Harvard University
  • Amy to Yale University
  • Michael to Wharton At Upenn
  • Daniel to Williams College
  • Lilianna to Stanford University
  • Kiyo to University Of Southern California
  • Ryan to New York University
  • Sophie to Elon University
  • Natasha to WUSTL
  • Leah to Georgetown University
  • Mackinley to Southern Methodist University
  • Angela to Boston College
  • Allie to University Of Florida
  • Brian to University Of Miami
  • Gianmarco to The University Of Richmond
  • Juju to University Of Texas
  • Nicole to Florida State University
  • Stefano to The University Of Chicago
  • Alexandra to Tulane University
  • Margaret to University American
  • Harrison to Duke University
  • Harrison to WUSTL
  • Tina to University Of Chicago
  • Aryeh to Columbia University
  • Jaclyn to Babson College
  • Jacob to Florida State University
  • Josh to The Ross School Of Business
  • Kelly to The College Of William And Mary
  • Requirements & Admission Tips

    We’re not going to lie; it’s hard to get into UM. As an exclusive school, the University of Miami has high requirements for anyone who wants to join their student body.

    In addition to a basic application and a $70 fee, incoming first-year students must write a supplemental essay, submit high school transcripts, and send in two letters of recommendation. Those applying to special programs such as the school of music or the health professions mentoring program must provide additional materials, including an audition and/or a supplemental application.

    Students entering UM have a 3.6 average high school GPA. Although the school does not require standardized test scores, nearly half do take the tests and submit their scores. On average, UM freshmen earn between 1270-1440 on the SAT and between 29-32 on the ACT.

    But perhaps the most essential part of an application to UM is the supplemental essay. Although the essay prompt might make the proceedings seem silly aside, asking students to compare themselves to the university mascot ibis allows applicants to present themselves as fully developed learners.


    What GPA do you need to get into University of Miami?

    For University of Miami Undergraduates

    Must have a minimum of 3.00 G.P.A.

    Is it hard to get in the University of Miami?

    How Hard Is It to Get Into University of Miami? For the 2019–2020 admissions cycle, University of Miami received 40,131 applicants, of which 13,280 were accepted. This means that last year, UMiami acceptance rate was 33%, making it a moderately selective school.

    What is the average GPA for Miami?

    The average GPA at University of Miami is 3.6.

    What GPA do you need to get into U of Florida?

    The state minimum requirements for Freshmen applicants can be found here; however, UF’s standards for admissions are significantly higher than the state minimums. Applicants who are admitted typically have at least (and usually higher than) a 3.7 High School GPA.

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