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10 Best Nursing Schools in Michigan 2021

U-M Admissions statement on free speech and admissions

We value the rights of our incoming students to exercise their voices. We support our students who engage in lawful protests and use their voices to speak out against racism. Freedom of speech is a bedrock principle of our community and your admission to U-M is not jeopardized by your participation in lawful protests or exercising your constitutional rights.

Welcome! Take the first step to beginning or advancing an exciting career in the field of nursing at the University of Michigan.

International applicants are strongly encouraged to submit all application materials at least one month prior to all published deadlines to allow for adequate processing time. International students should visit the International applicant requirements website for more information.

  • International students that have been admitted, but did not submit their applications early, are not guaranteed to receive all necessary immigration materials in time for the fall term.
  • Applicants that have transcripts from institutions that do not issue records in English, are required to provide a course by course transcript evaluation by either World Education Services, Inc. or Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. Translations must be literal and complete versions of the original records. For additional information, refer to the NursingCAS FAQs section.

    All programs have a fall term start date, unless otherwise indicated.

    View requirements for students seeking a traditional undergraduate BSN. Students can enter as undergraduate first-year or as a sophomore transfer.

    View requirements for students interested in an MSN degree in the advanced clinical pathway or a leadership pathway.

    View requirements for students who wish to gain a DNP or Ph.D. degree within the field of nursing.

    See the list of admissions frequently asked questions (FAQ).

    University of Michigan Undergraduate Admissions ask us knowledgebase provides FAQ for all undergraduate admissions topics.

    Michigan students work hard and play hard

    University of Michigan students The schools sports teams are as prominent as its academic curriculum. Ford School/Flickr

    The University of Michigan is known as a well rounded top-tier university. The school simultaneously offers rigorous academics — especially in the fields of business, engineering, and medicine — while still maintaining a fun, raucous state school atmosphere through spirited football and basketball games. The university is also famously where former president Gerald Ford completed his bachelors degree. Today, the universitys school for public policy and one of its main libraries is named after the 38th US president.

    With an acceptance rate hovering just around 23%, the University of Michigan is one of the most difficult public universities in the US to gain admission to. Applicants have to complete The Common App, send over a high school transcript and SAT or ACT scores, and answer three essay questions.

    University of Michigan first-year nursing student Zhike Wang agreed to share two of her essays to help illuminate just what Michigans admins are looking for.

    Below is one of the prompts that University of Michigan applicants are faced with when they apply. Applicants were asked to describe one of the communities they belong to in no more than 300 words.

    In her response to this question, Wang told a personal story of leading a traditional dance performance at a Chinese school she attended to learn more about her culture:

    “The red and gold outfit contrasted brightly against my skin. I brought the fan up and over my head, then fluttered it across the front of my body. The stage lights were bright and my visibility was low, but that made it easier to get over the stage fright. I allowed the music to move my muscles- slow, smooth, and calculated. As the music comes to an end, my group and I shuffled backstage, and I immediately undid the ribbons holding my hair in tight buns. I could hear the roaring applause still echoing through the auditorium. Finally! After weeks of learning to lead a group of children for this dance, wed finally performed on stage, for the chinese community festival held annually.

    For six years of my life, I went to Chinese school to learn more about the language and the culture of the country of my origin. I was born in southern China but moved to the United States before I was a year old. Though it is more difficult to keep in touch with the culture, I continue to speak Mandarin at home and indulge in the cuisine. It always takes me back to every time Ive gone back to my hometown. The community is tight-knit and vibrant- people are outspoken and upbeat, and everyone treats each other like family. For a while, it was complicated to balance the two sides that make up my identity, but I soon recognized that my power comes from being able to balance the roles and identities in my life. I am now an active participant in enlightening those around me with the beauty of chinese culture by performing and volunteering for these festivals- from the dragon boat races to the events that raise cultural awareness on the asian community.”

    Another University of Michigan essay prompt asks students to explain why theyve decided to focus on their particular area of study. This time, applicants were told to answer this question in no more than 550 words. Heres the full prompt:

    In her response, Wang walks through her lifelong fascination with hospitals and medicine. Wang took the essay down a personal route by reliving her mothers hospital visit after shed been involved in a hit and run accident.

    Through the course of her essay, Wang makes it clear that shes seriously invested in the idea of being a doctor and simultaneously demonstrates her knowledge of the ins and outs of Michigans medical program.

    University of Michigan–Ann Arbor Nursing School Overview

    University of Michigan–Ann Arbor is a public school. The School of Nursing has an application fee of $75 for U.S. residents. Tuition for the masters program at the School of Nursing is Full-time: $1,383 per credit (in-state) and $2,831 per credit (out-of-state). The School of Nursing at University of Michigan–Ann Arbor has 94 full-time faculty members. The total graduate nursing enrollment is 359.


    Is it hard to get into University of Michigan nursing?

    With an acceptance rate hovering just around 23%, the University of Michigan is one of the most difficult public universities in the US to gain admission to. Applicants have to complete The Common App, send over a high school transcript and SAT or ACT scores, and answer three essay questions.

    What nursing school has the highest acceptance rate?

    Doctor of Nursing Practice Specialties

    The University of Michigan School of Nursing’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program was ranked No. 4 in U.S. News & World Report’s first rankings of the nation’s top undergraduate nursing programs.

    What are the odds of getting into nursing school?

    11 Nursing Schools With High Acceptance Rates
    • Lubbock Christian University. …
    • Clarion University of Pennsylvania. …
    • Oklahoma Wesleyan University. …
    • University of Toledo. …
    • Lamar University. …
    • Youngstown State University. …
    • West Virginia University. …
    • University of Missouri. Nursing Program Acceptance Rate: 82%

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