Middle School Supplies List 7Th Grade

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1. School Supply List / 7th Grade List

School Supply List / 7th Grade List
7th Grade Supply List. One 3 Ring Binder. 8- Class Dividers. College Ruled Notebook paper. Highlighters. Sticky Notes. Blue or Black Pens. Pencils. Colored pencils- 1 pack.

2. 7th – 8th Middle School Supply List 2020-2021


7th and 8th Grade. 2 Packages Notebook Paper. 4 Packages #2 Pencils. 2 Packages Pens (Blue or Black). 1 Packages Pens (Red). 1 Large Pencil Pouch.

3. School Supply Lists – E.T. Booth Middle School


7th Grade Suggested School Supply List · 2 each – Binders (3-ring) · 2 sets – Dividers with pockets (5-tab) · 2 each – Folders with brads and pockets …

4. 7th Grade School Supplies 2019-2020 – Howell Middle School


Wide rule paper, small sharpener with cover, glue sticks or bottles of glue, markers, colored map pencils, erasers, 2 boxes of #2 pencils, pens (black or blue), highlighters, scissors, zipper pouch or storage box to hold supplies,

5. 7th Grade Supply List – Culpeper Middle School


7th Grade Supply List · All Classes. Looseleaf Paper (refill each quarter) · English. (All teachers) · Math 7 and Pre-Algebra 7. (All teachers) · Algebra. 1 composition …

6. 7th-grade school supplies list from TeacherLists.com


Box(es) of Paper Mate® Woodcase Pencils · Package(s) of Mead® Five Star® Reinforced Filler Paper, Wide Ruled, 3 Hole Punched · Mead® Five Star® Pocket …

7. The ultimate back-to-school supplies list for middle school


You can't go wrong with this shopping list of basic school supplies and smart tools to help … A back-to-school supply list for middle school … Protractor (Some middle school students will need one, sometimes as early as in sixth grade.) … Email. I'm interested in grades: PreK. K 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th.

8. School Supply List – Parents – West Wilkes Middle School


School Supply List. Image of WWMS logo and School supplies … 7th Grade. (2020-2021). It is important to get all items on this list for classes!! Notice some …

9. 7 & 8 School Supplies List Kalispell Middle School


7th Grade. 3. 1.5 inch three ring binders. 3. Packs of lined, loose leaf paper, college ruled. 1. 3 Subject spiral notebook, college ruled. 3. 1 Subject spiral …

10. 7th Grade Supply List | New Castle Middle School – NCCSC

7th Grade Supply List

7th Grade Supply List. Mandatory – face covering to cover nose and mouth. 2 small packs of lined, loose-leaf paper. Erasers – separate from pencils.

11. Middle School Supply List 2020 – Blue Springs School District


Middle School Supply Lists. 2020-2021 School Year. 6th Grade. 7th Grade. 1 2 ½” or larger 3-ring zipper binder. 1 2 ½” or larger 3- ring zipper binder. 1 ½” -1” 3- …

12. 7th Grade Supply List – Great Bridge Middle School


7th Grade Supply List. Listed below are school supplies common to all seventh-grade teams. An additional item unique to a particular course may be added at …