Stanford University Med School Acceptance Rate

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What is the Stanford Medical School looking for in an applicant?

The Stanford admissions committee embraces a holistic review process, but, we can tell you that you have to be stellar academically and demonstrate that you are a novel thinker and innovator. Stanford is looking to educate those future physicians who will make major contributions to the field of medicine in creative and genius ways. They are seeking flexible, intellectually curious, and critical thinkers whose past accomplishments demonstrate they are capable of profound achievement. The typical Stanford medical student has had an exceptional background since high school. Therefore, high MCAT and GPAs alone won’t get you in to Stanford. You have to be exceptional and provide evidence through your personal statement, application entries, and letters of reference, that you are someone who will transform the field of medicine in the future.

Stanford Medical School Application Timeline:

  • October 1: AMCAS application deadline
  • October 21: Supplemental materials deadline
  • July – March: Applications review and interviews extended
  • January – March: Submit FAFSA and other financial aid materials
  • March: Acceptances extended
  • April: Second look event for accepted students
  • April 30th: Students can only hold one acceptance
  • August: Orientation and classes begin
  • Stanford Medical School Admissions Timeline

    stanford university med school acceptance rate

    Stanford Medical School Admissions Profile and Analysis

    Matriculants: Total: 90 In State: 37.8% Out of State: 62.2%

    (International applicants are required to have studied for at least one year at an accredited college or university in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom before applying.)

    Average MD Graduate Debt: $104,988 Student Body



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