Syracuse University Medical School Acceptance Rate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your choice of a major reflects your personal interests and professional orientation. Base your decision on what you want to learn, not how others will view you. The strength of the academic credentials, rather than the major, is the best predictor of who gains admission to professional schools. You are more likely to succeed at –– and benefit from –– subjects that interest and stimulate you. Professional schools do not require, recommend, or favor any particular undergraduate major course of study; you can complete the pre-professional requirements while at the same time exploring your own interests. In this way, you exercise the option of discovering an alternative career.

Despite statements like the above, many students believe that medical schools prefer certain major areas. AAMC’s national data, however, refute this. In 2019, 41% of biological sciences majors, 48% of physical sciences majors, 47% of mathematics and statistics majors, 46% of humanities majors, 40% of social sciences majors, and 37% of specialized health sciences majors that applied were accepted to medical school. The differences among percentages of acceptance by major are not significant, and major choice cannot be used to predict acceptance to medical school. Of the 53,371 applicants to medical schools in 2019 (for 2020 matriculation), 57.5% were biological sciences majors, 9.3% were social sciences majors, 9.3% were physical sciences majors, 3.1% were humanities majors, and 0.6% were mathematics and statistics majors (the remaining 20.2% was made up of specialized health sciences majors and “other” majors, as defined by the AAMC).

How does my major choice affect my course choices?

Those majoring in a science discipline may take one or two science and/or math courses each semester, depending upon the recommendations of academic advisors. However, humanities or social science majors may want to take only one mathematics or science course during the first year in order to be able to experiment with courses from several departments. Over four years, all the course prerequisites are available to all students needing them.

Can I take pre-requisite courses as summer courses?

Required courses may be taken during summer session at Syracuse University or at other universities whose educational standards and rigor are comparable. In general, it is preferable to take these courses during the regular school year in order to demonstrate that you can perform well even while carrying a full course load.


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Preparing for professional school is a developmental process, which is why the admissions review is so holistic. Therefore, during their undergraduate careers, we encourage all Pre-Health students to:

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Applicant Data for Schools of Osteopathic Medicine 2018-2019

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Upstate Medical University Acceptance Rate

Students planning to apply should take note of the school’s 34% acceptance rate. Most undergraduate programs, as well as a few graduate programs, offer an early admission option for high school seniors. College students are also eligible to apply for these programs through a traditional admissions process.

Required courses include the premedical sciences and at least one year of English. During the selection process, preference will be given to New York State residents. Applications are accepted from US citizens and permanent residents who have accomplished at least three years of college study or 90 semester hours in the US or Canada. Although achieving excellence in the science courses is important, Upstate believes academic work in the fields of humanities and social sciences is equally essential.

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Want one-on-one help from a former admissions officer? Our College Counselors can help you find, apply, and get accepted to the best schools.

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