Uchicago Acceptance Rate 2023

One of the reasons we share this University of Chicago (UChicago) acceptance rate 2021 for the class of 2025 is to give applicants the clue on how easy or difficult it is to gain admission at Uchicago. –AD–

The content of this page covers the Uchicago acceptance rate 2021 for the class of 2025 freshman, transfer, and international students seeking admission into the Uchicago 2021/2022 academic year undergraduate programs.

Complete Uchicago admission rate, admission statistics SAT score, ACT score, GPA, application fee, application methods, and how to apply for admission at the University of Chicago will be made known in this article.

Acceptance Rate Drops to Record Low 5.9 Percent for Class of 2023

According to Nondorf, the University received just under 35,000 applications, an increase of almost 3,000 applicants compared to the 32,291 applicants for the Class of 2022.

“Every day, I’m quite happy to not be in the media,” Nondorf said. “I used to make jokes about cheating, but I don’t do that anymore.”

The University typically does not publicly comment on admissions numbers until fall quarter. This is the second year in a row that Nondorf has released admissions statistics during an admitted students reception, following last year’s announcement.

Authors Note: The information in this article is now outdated. For updated information on the Class of 2023 Acceptance Rate visit https://www.chicagomaroon.com/article/2019/7/11/yield-rate-rises/.

The University typically does not publicly comment on admissions numbers until fall quarter. This is the second year in a row that Nondorf has released admissions statistics during an admitted students reception, following last year’s announcement.

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Learn how to make an impression with your application by listening to our podcast

At UChicago, you are more than your GPA or test score.

UChicago welcomes students from all backgrounds, and each application at UChicago goes through the same holistic review process. There’s no one piece of information—academic and extracurricular records, essays, letters of recommendation, or SAT/ACT scores—that alone determines whether or not you would be a good fit for the College. Instead, we want you to, through your application, show us who you are in your own voice. What is your story? Why did you choose to pursue certain opportunities? What activities are most meaningful to you? The very best way to approach your UChicago application is to simply be yourself and write in your own voice. We care about you and who you really are, not what you think we want to see in an application.

UChicago: Early Decision Acceptance Rate – Class of 2024

UChicago offers two rounds of Early Decision. The first deadline is November 2, 2020 and the EDII deadline is on January 4, 2021. Unfortunately, the university does not offer EA or ED acceptance rates. However, we do know that in the 2018-19 cycle, the university received roughly 15,000 ED I applications, more than double the number of ED applicants a decade ago. It is reasonable to believe that there is a slight advantage to applying ED or ED II at the University of Chicago, but with such a high yield rate (more on this later), the school doesn’t have to worry too much about getting applicants to commit.

University Of Chicago Admission Rate

Admission at the University of Chicago is highly selective. Chicago is one of the most competitive Universities in the US with a low acceptance rate of 9%. –AD–

More details on the Uchicago admission rate of 2021 for the class of 2025 and the undergraduate admission requirements for freshmen, transfer students, and international students will be seen in the section below

Below is the University of Chicago admission rate 2021 breakdown and statistics. The admission rate shown below is that of the class of 2024 and the same may be applicable to the class of 2025.

University of Chicago (UChicago) Acceptance Rate for 2021 is 9%

The estimated University of Chicago Acceptance rate for 2021 is 9%. This estimation is based on past years’ admission rates from 2013 to 2020 shown below; –AD–

2020 (Class of 2024 Admission stats)

  • Total Number of Applicants: 34,372
  • Number Accepted applicants: 2,511
  • Number of Students Enrolled: 1,848
  • Class of 2023 Acceptance Rate: 6.92%
  • 2019 (Class of 2023 Admission rate)

  • Total Applications Received: 34,900
  • Number of Applicants Accepted: 2,065
  • Class of 2023 Acceptance Rate: 5.92%
  • 2018 Class of 2022 admission rate)

  • Total Applications Received: 32,291
  • Number of Applicants Accepted: 2,329
  • Class of 2022 Acceptance Rate: 7.21%
  • –AD–

    2017 (Class of 2021 admission rate)

  • Total Applications Received: 27,694
  • Number of Applicants Accepted: 2,419
  • Class of 2021 Acceptance Rate: 8.73%
  • 2016 (Class of 2020 admission statistics)

  • Total Applications Received: 31,484
  • Number of Applicants Accepted: 2,499
  • Class of 2020 Admission Rate: 7.94%
  • 2015 (Class Of Admission 2019 admission stats)

  • Applications Received: 30,162
  • Applicants Accepted: 2,356
  • Class of 2019 Admit Rate: 7.81%
  • –AD–

    2014 (Class of 2018 admission statistics)

  • Number of Applications Received: 27,503
  • Total Applicants Accepted: 2,304
  • Class of 2018 Admission Rate: 8.38%
  • 2013 (Class of 2017 Admission Rate)

  • Number of Applications Received: 30,369
  • Total Applicants Accepted: 2,676
  • Class of 2017 Admission Rate: 8.81%
  • Note: The above UChicago Class of 2025 acceptance rate 2021 is estimated. The actual acceptance rate will be updated on this page immediately after the class of 2025 profile is available.

    UChicago Admission Statistics –AD–

    Admission Diversity:

  • Asian-American students: 25percent
  • African-American students: 10 percent
  • Latino/ Hispanic students: 15 percent
  • International students 14 percent
  • Below are the admission processes for freshman (first-year) applicants, transfer students, and international students’ applicants for undergraduate admission at the University of Chicago.

    UChicago Freshman/First-Year Admission Application

    The freshman undergraduate admission at the University of Chicago is slated for the fall or spring season semesters. –AD–

    To apply for a freshman undergraduate admission at the University of Chicago, applicants must acquire all the necessary requirements and documents that will qualify them for admission as shown below.

    Application Deadlines

  • Undergraduate Early Action: November
  • Early Decision I: November
  • Early Decision II: January
  • Regular Decision: January
  • Admission intake:

  • Fall semesters
  • Spring semesters
  • Autumn semester (For graduate students only)
  • –AD–

  • Common Application
  • Coalition Application
  • Application Fee: $75 (Seventy-Five US Dollars)
  • Acceptance Rate: 9%
  • Mode of Payment:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Credit Card
  • SAT Score 25th Percentile:

  • Math: 755
  • Reading/Writing: 730
  • Composite: 1480
  • –AD–

    SAT Score 75th Percentile:

  • Math: 800
  • Reading/Writing: 780
  • Composite: 1580
  • ACT Score 25th Percentile:

  • Math: 31
  • English: 33
  • Composite: 32
  • ACT Score 75th Percentile:

  • Math: 35
  • English: 35
  • Composite: 35
  • –AD–

    Other Admission Requirements: Required Documents

  • Transcripts
  • High school report
  • 2 teacher evaluations
  • Mid-year report.
  • Test score (not compulsory).
  • University of Chicago Transfer Students Admission

    All Transfer students applying for admission at the University of Chicago are to keep to the following details and admission procedures:

    How to apply:

  • The available application methods include: Coalition Application
  • Applicants are to submit applications along with the UChicago Supplement.
  • –AD–

    Needed Documents:

  • College reports
  • Final high school transcripts
  • 2 teacher evaluations
  • Transcripts
  • Deadlines:

  • Transfer Applications: March
  • Application Fee: $75 USD
  • Below is the undergraduate admission application process for international students: –Ads– –AD–

    Application Deadlines:

  • Early Action
  • Early Decision I,
  • Early Decision II
  • Regular Decision.
  • November/January
  • Application methods:

  • Common Application
  • Coalition Application.
  • Admission Requirements:

  • Essays
  • Transcripts
  • Standardized Test scores
  • 2 Teacher evaluations
  • Resume, Portfolio, and video profile Supplements
  • Financial proof statement
  • English proficiency test scores from any of TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE.
  • –AD–

    The University of Chicago College Admissions address and contact:

  • Rosenwald Hall 105, 1101 E. 58th Street Chicago, IL 60637
  • Phone: 773.702.8650
  • Now that you have known the University of Chicago acceptance rate for 2021, I will love to clarify this, Uchicago will only select students with a good academic background for admission.

    Just the same effort you put in finding out the Uchicago acceptance rate 2021 for the class of 2025, but the same effort in making sure you meet all the necessary admission requirements shown above for a better chance of admission. Follow Us For All Canada Jobs and Scholarship Update


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