Uiuc Medical School Acceptance Rate

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Allopathic Medical Schools in Illinois

uiuc medical school acceptance rate

How many medical schools in Illinois? Nine

Osteopathic Medical Schools in Illinois

uiuc medical school acceptance rate

Good medical schools in Illinois

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uiuc medical school acceptance rate

To determine your competitiveness for an Illinois medical school you must review the average MCATs and GPAs for accepted students as well as the medical school acceptance rates. For out of state students, it is important to pay attention to how many out of state students are interviewed and what percentage are in the entering class each year.

So, how difficult is it to get accepted into an Illinois medical school? Let’s review the data. Below are the average MCAT scores and GPAs, interview rates for in state and out of state applicants, acceptance rates, percent of entering class that is in state, and tuition for all medical schools in Illinois.

Being Pre-Med At UIUC

This article is part of the “Being Pre-Med“ Series that addresses the Pre-Med Experience at different universities around the United States. Check out the rest of the series here.

Whether you choose it for its serious party scenes or for its phenomenal academic reputation, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is undoubtedly a strong choice for college students all over the United States. I’m honestly not too familiar with the finer details of UIUC, so a lot of the input I’ll be giving is either from online sources or from some students at UIUC. Luckily, I received responses from four pre-meds at UIUC that share their experience at the institution, so let’s take a look at what they had to share.

Located in Urbana and Champaign Illinois (the campus spreads across two sister cities), UIUC attracts students who are both academically-inclined and who are looking for a more “traditional” college experience (get a school that can do both ;)). In fact, according to Niche, UIUC holds several #1 titles, including the Best Student Life in Illinois, the Top Party School in Illinois (and #5 in the nation), and the second Best Greek Life College in America (even above University of Alabama!?). From what I found on their website and from others’ reviews, the school is best known for its incredible accounting, computer science, and engineering programs.

Getting Into Medical School

The pre-medical student statistics at UIUC are sort of scattered all throughout their website pages, so bare with me while I list all the raw information I compiled. Interestingly, most of this data is from the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology, which churns out the most medical school applicants than any other UIUC school. Here’s some notable points:

  • According to Volume 4 of the MCB Magazine, in 2009, UIUC had a 49% acceptance rate into medical school, above the national average of 46% for that year.
  • UIUC’s Pre-Med Campus Data from 2013 shows that over half of the applicants who successfully matriculated into medical school graduated with a degree in MCB.
  • That same UIUC Pre-Med Campus Data also displays the list of where 387 successful applicants decided to go. Some of the more notable schools from that list include Mayo, Georgetown, UMich School of Medicine and UChicago Pritzker. In a more updated partial list from 2013 to 2016, we see some new top medical schools, including Johns Hopkins and Northwestern. Now, I’m not in any way saying that the prestige of the matriculated school is a major factor in a successful pre-med program, but I did want to mention that of almost all the schools I have reviewed, UIUC seems to have less “top medical schools” in its list. However, we again need to remember that we only looked at a partial list up to 2016 and that because medical schools are SO COMPETITIVE, getting into just any is hard enough, and an above average medical school acceptance rate is very impressive.
  • On this FAQ page by the MCB School at UIUC, UIUC pre-med students had an acceptance rate of 35% at an MD and 30% at a DO.
  • It’s become very clear to me after so much research that UIUC has many resources for pre-health professions that students can utilize.
  • 7. Rosalind Franklin University Chicago Medical School

    uiuc medical school acceptance rate

    The Chicago Medical School (CMS) at Rosalind Franklin University is a private, nonprofit medical school in North Chicago. CMS has always been a unique medical school, as it was one of the first professional schools to admit women and minority applicants long before most professional schools did this.

    Currently, CMS continues to be unique with its large focus on community service and community participation. At CMS, community service is considered a natural and necessary element of medical education. The Interprofessional Community Clinic, which was established by members of the class of 2016, is a great example of this dedication to community service, as it is a free clinic that provides low-income and underserved residents with healthcare services.

    CMS is a competitive medical school for admission. The entering class of 2020 had an average GPA of 3.61 with an average MCAT score of 511.

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