Une Medical School Acceptance Rate

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University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine UNE COM

Location: Biddeford, ME

Interview Options for 2021-2022 Cycle: Virtual Interviews Only

Physician Letter Required? MD or DO

Shadowing Options: Accepts Either Virtual or In-Person Shadowing

Accepts Online Coursework to Fulfill Prerequisite Requirements? Yes

Accepts Prerequisite Coursework Pass/Fail Grades? Typically we require that a student have a minimum of a ‘C’ grade in prerequisite courses. In light of the pandemic and the change to on-line formats, we recognize that some students may only be able to provide a pass/fail grade for their prerequisite courses and will accept those.

Accepts Online Lab Coursework? Yes

General Information

The University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine (UNE COM) fosters the development of health care leaders across the continuum in undergraduate, pre-doctoral, graduate medical, and continuing medical education to advance exceptional osteopathic health care locally and globally through practice, research, scholarship, education, and community health.

UNE COM, set in a beautiful location where the Saco River meets the Atlantic Ocean, is committed to transforming students into health care leaders who advance patient-centered, high-quality osteopathic care, community health, and research for the people of Maine, New England, and the nation, through an emphasis on educating primary care physicians. Our academic environment, and community, is one of collaboration and support amongst the student body, faculty members, and professional staff. UNE COM is recognized for excellence in primary care, osteopathic manipulative medicine, and geriatric education. UNE has seven Centers of Excellence, which include the Center for Biomedical Research Excellence for the Study of Pain and Sensory Function (COBRE); the Center for Excellence in Aging; the Center for Excellence in Collaborative Education; the Center for Excellence in the Neurosciences; the Center for Excellence in Digital Health; the Center of Excellence in Public Health, and UNE North, The Institute for North Atlantic Studies of the University of New England.

Campus setting:

Biddeford, Maine; Rural, Oceanside. Closest city is Portland, ME.

Year founded: 1978

Type: Private, non-profit


UNE COM is accredited by the Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA) and by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The College of Osteopathic Medicine has received Accreditation with Exceptional Outcomes from the American Osteopathic Association Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation, the only national accrediting agency for predoctoral osteopathic medical education in the U.S.

Institutional affiliation:

  • University of New England
  • Facilities:

  • Jack S. Ketchum Library, Biddeford Campus, and Josephine S. Abplanalp ’45 Library, Portland Campus. Libraries are open 24/5, with reduced hours on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Leonard Hall features the latest in state-of-the-art educational technology, white boards and other features which allow for case-based learning and other innovative educational learning experiences.
  • The Harold Alfond Center for Health Sciences offers students outstanding gross anatomy and osteopathic manipulative medicine laboratories.
  • The Clinical Performance Center for work with standardized patients and patient simulators.
  • The Pickus Center for Biomedical Research provides opportunities to collaborate with faculty on basic science research.
  • The University Campus Center includes a fitness center, racquetball court, gym, and an indoor track and pool, with an extensive intramurals program.
  • The Alfond Forum athletics complex includes an ice hockey rink, basketball court, classroom space, fitness center, and multi-purpose indoor practice courts that can also be used for performances and other events.
  • The Ripich Commons features a dining facility, small gathering spaces, larger community gathering spaces and flexible office space, plus lounge areas for student study including a dedicated COM Student Lounge.
  • Student residence options: There is no on-campus housing available for graduate students on the Biddeford campus. Students generally have year round rentals in the surrounding communities of Biddeford, Saco, Old Orchard Beach, and Portland, ME. Some students utilize rentals of seasonal housing, however students are encouraged to be mindful of the academic year calendar as they make these arrangements.

  • Total medical school enrollment: 702
  • Total male: 301
  • Total female: 399
  • First-year matriculants:178
  • First-year male matriculants: 63
  • First-year female matriculants: 115
  • Matriculants in-state: 17
  • Matriculants out-of-state: 161
  • Total enrollment affiliate institutions: 7,208
  • How did the interview impress you?

    “Keep up the great work! Have some representatives for various student orgs talk to us about their groups if available.”

    “Keep up the good work!”

    “You gave results very quickly, keep it up.”

    “Reconsider your interviewers or possibly offer 2 interviews per candidate so some of us dont get stuck with 1 pair as our only voice during adcom meetings.”

    “Keep doing what you are doing”

    “Arrange group tour at once, have a better presentation room.”

    “Liked the free UNE tote bag given to interviewees!”

    “They are very pleasant and nice to speak with.”

    “Have an online protal, beyond secondaries.”

    “Dont be so awkward on the phone….”

    “Provide students more information on financial aid/costs. make the powerpoint presentation about the school available to students outside of that initial greeting.”

    “Dont require a $500 non-refundable deposit within 2 weeks of acceptance”

    “have more activities or interactions with students besides tour. Perhaps a brief intro to OMM techni”

    “it would be helpful to know the interviewers in advance, and to indicate when the adcom meets so you”

    “Do not have 1st yrs to talk to us. At this point theyve been in school 5 months. Give us 2nd or 3rd”

    “Show the students more of the beautiful campus in the tour.”

    “More of a formal interview process. I wish it had been structured and had a presentation on financi”

    “Please slow down the slide switching in the slide show. Give us enough time to read all the info. o”

    “If you were accepted into an allopathic school and not osteopathic would you go and why?”

    “Know your application! Thats all I will say :)”

    “Why medicine?”

    “Looking at the healthcare compared to Ireland, what is one thing that you think could be brought back to the US? (I studied abroad in Ireland)”

    “If you were to pursue a different profession what would you do?”

    “What was the last meaningful book you read, and why was it meaningful to you?”

    “Tell me about a time you worked in a team and what you liked about it”

    “I see your stats are kinda s****, whats your biggest weakness going to be going into medical school”

    “How do you de-stress or relax?”

    “Tell me about yourself”

    “Why medicine? Why physician?”

    “How would family and friends describe you at your most stressed?”

    “Why DO? Why UNECOM?”

    “Tell us more about why you want to do osteopathic medicine.”

    “Since you are a re-applicant, what changes did you make for this application cycle?”

    “Why UNE? Why DO?”

    “What would you do if you were not accepted this year”

    “Describe your experience as a bartender (I was a bartender my sophomore year of undergrad) and what you learned from it?”

    “Why should we select you over other candidates?”

    “what leadership experiences have you had”

    “How did you realize you wanted to practice osteopathic medicine?”

    “Would I have a nearby support group if I went there?”

    “If a patient asked for a prescription for antibiotics for her brother who doesnt have healthcare, what would you do?”

    “Why become a doctor and not mid-level provider?”

    “Why are you interested in medicine?”

    “What would you do if you smelled alcohol on a colleagues breath during internship or something like that”

    “What is one of the biggest problems you have with healthcare today?”

    “What where your MCAT scores?”

    “There werent any specific questions, it was more like a conversation”

    “Why do you want to be a doctor? What type do you want to be?”

    “What was your marathon time?”

    “Tell me about “Environmental Perspectives of the Cherokee Nation” (undergrad course)?”

    “Tell me about your interest in social justice.”

    “Open file, they know everything about you… be ready to answer questions about your academic/research/employment life.”

    “Explain low undergrad GPA”

    “Why Medicine? (Im a career changer)”

    “Why medicine? Why DO? “

    “They asked about obscure undergrad course work…specifically literature courses (i.e. Canadian Lit, Literary Theory, Jung and Grims Fairy Tales, etc.)”

    “How have your conversations with physicians affected your decision to go to medical school?”

    “What do you expect to get out of a career as a doctor?”

    “why primary care?”

    “You were a music major, how/why did you decide on medicine? “

    “Every question was specific to my file, they really wanted to get to know me as a person and see if I would be a good fit at the school.”

    “Why DO? Why UNECOM?”

    “How do you handle stress?”

    “What is one thing I would change on my application.”

    “Personal questions relating to my file”

    “What made you want to go into medicine?”

    “What did you do last summer/hobbies?”

    “Do you watch Greys anatomy?”

    “What was your favorite class and why?”

    “Explain your research”

    “So what brings you here to UNECOM and why DO?”

    “Why osteopathic over allopathic”

    “Why UNECOM”

    “How do you deal with lack of sleep?”

    “are you prepared for medical school?”

    “Why DO and why UNECOM? “

    “What do you know about OMM? DO? why UNECOM? Why medicine?”

    “What do you do in your spare time?”

    “Why did you take the MCAT 4 times”

    “What has led you to the D.O. path?”

    “What is your spirituality?”

    “How do you relive stress?”

    “How did you become familiar with osteopathic medicine?”

    “How did you find out about osteopathic medicine?”

    “Howd you learn about osteopathic medicine?”

    “Tell me one of your weaknesses.”

    “Why did you apply to DO? UNE?”

    “Tell me about your masters thesis on biomaterials and tissue engineering.”

    “Tell me about yourself.”

    “What will be your biggest challenge in Med school?”

    “What do you think your Mom would say was you best and worst qualities?”

    “What did you think of your undergrad? Did you enjoy your time there?”

    “What non-science activities/hobbies do you have?”

    “Since youve done research about our school, why do you want to come here?”

    “Why osteopathy?”

    “Please explain what in your life, since third grade, has made you who you are.”

    “What do you think of extraneous measures to prolong life in the elderly?”

    “Describe yourself since grammar school, and significant events that have led you to where you are. “

    “Why would an english major want to be a doctor?”

    “Why D.O.?”

    “What are some of your weaknesses?”

    “Tell me about the influential life events and people that has happened to you from grammar school on that has led you here today”

    “Why did you take Buddhist Thought, what did you learn, and how has it changed your perception, personality, or life outlook?”

    “Starting with grade three, take me through all the events in your life that have developed you into the person I see here today.”

    “Talk about your life from grammar school on, well go from there.”

    “Where do you see yourself in 15 years?”

    “Why UNECOM?”

    “What do you think a major strength and weakness of yours are?”

    “how old were u when u realized u wanted to be a do?”

    “Where i work”

    “How did you find out about Osteopathic med. and why do you want to pursue a degree in this field?”

    “What type of physician do you want to be?? (seemed to be glad that I didnt give one definitive answer..)”

    “If you were to describe osteopathic medicine to someone what would you tell them?”

    “Why would you like to incorporate research into your career in medicine?”

    “Where do you see yourself in ten years?”

    “What is your experience with Osteopathic Medicine?”

    “The interview was more like a conversation. I got asked very generic questions. Tell me about yourself.”

    “why medicine”

    “Your mothers pediatrician…how was that growing up? Do you want to be a pediatrician, too?”

    “Role of Osteopathic Physicians in Future?”

    “above for interesting”

    “Why do you want to be a DO? Have you shadowed a DO? Do you know any DOs? Etc…”

    “Tell me more about …”

    “Tell us what you know about the osteopathic field.”

    “Why medicine? Why osteopathy?”

    “See Above Question”

    “What about osteopathy appeals to you?”

    “Tell me about your experience since elementary or high school?”

    “MY interviewer talked about his personal opinions instead of asking me what I thought. I found that very frustrating since he is suppose to get to know me.”

    “Why do you want to be an osteopath?”

    “Tell me all that has happened to you and who has influenced your life since grade three.”

    “Just the one listed above. All other questions stemmed from what I had to say.”

    “Trace the important events and shaping influences in your life from 3rd grade forward.”

    “Tell us about your family background?”

    “Tell us what you have been doing since you last interviewed?”

    “What makes you want to be a Doctor? What do you know about Osteopathic Medicine?”

    “Tell us what brought you to want to be a physician?”

    “Tell us about yourself.”

    “Why osteopathic medicine?”

    “Extracurricular activities”

    “Why Osteopathic medicine and why UNECOM?”

    “What brings you to our school?”

    “Why D.O. when you have a father who is an M.D.? (this was phrased in a not so polite manner though)”

    “Internship/osteopathic experiences”

    “Tell me about your journey in life that led you to DO school.”

    “Have you ever been treated by a DO? “

    “They asked if I were excepted to every school I applied to (11 MD and DO) how I would decide.”

    “Other than the questions above… Have you heard from other schools?”

    “Why do you want to be a doctor?”

    “Specifics on my current job, overseas experience.. they do really just want to get to know who you are and what youve been up to.”

    “They asked questions about certain classes that I took. It wasnt done in a bad way, they were just curious about certain classes. “

    “A lot about my time in the ER and ambulance. “Tell me about your time…” “What patients influenced you the most”… Then the usual, “Why UNECOM” “Why osteopathic medicine” “Why a doctor””

    “Tell us about yourself. They are very big on just getting to know you as a person during the interview.”

    “Basic Questions: Why a doctor? (didnt hear the Why DO one)/Why hear?/What speciality? / Hobbies?”

    “Is there anything about yourself you would like me to convey to the admissions commitee?”

    “What do you want to specialize in?”

    “Asked me about my research.”

    “They asked about a class I had called race, gender, and sexuality…just curious as to what it was.”

    “-If you were to go to Berlin with someone who had never been there before, where would you take them, and why? (I have never actually BEEN to Berlin, but Id probably go to Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburger Tor, and then to get some good German chow.) -Would you consider a 5-year program if necessary to complete your degree? (Of course, if it were necessary.) -Are there German Mormons? (There certainly are.)”

    “see above”

    “A couple of questions about college activities. “

    “During your EMT experience, what situation left a lasting impression?”

    “How do you think that your job as a phlebotomist will help you be a better doctor?”

    “Why did you take casino management last semester ?”

    “Why would you leave your permanent full-time job at the FDA to come here?”

    “What do i do for fun?”

    “Why medicine, and why osteopathic medicine?”

    “What do you know about Osteopathic Medicine?”

    “Why D.O. What made you decide to pursue medicine”

    “Why did your MCATS improve so much from April to August.”

    “Why do you want to be a DO? Why do you want to go to school here? Why Maine?”

    “questions about my app like I had lots of volunteering/community service so they asked what is one thing I learned from it”

    “A question about my application”

    “Why osteopathic over allopathic?”

    “Have I ever seen a Dr. (whether in shadowing/or at my job) do something I didnt think was necessarily right?”

    “nothing interesting. very general”

    “Why did you choose not to pursue research and get a Ph.D?”

    “Do you consider X-EMS experience to be a form of public health”

    “What are your thoughts on marijuana use for pain control?”

    “What animal would you describe yourself as ?”

    “what specialty”

    “A specific question about my answer to a secondary prompt. Something about what I learned about myself”

    “What do you do for fun?”

    “How do you “de-stress”?”

    “How did you react to past failure?”

    “describe your fluency in your native language”

    “none especially interesting that I remember”

    “How would you react in this situation? (Ethical Question)”

    “What if I couldnt get into medical school this year?”

    “Cant think of any particularly interesting questions”

    “If you were writing your obituary what would you want to be remembered for?”

    “Why UNE? (I am from Texas.)”

    “What types of things are you interested in under the science fiction and fantasy genres?”

    “Ethical Questions (if someones brother needs antibiotics would you prescribe them?)”

    “”Whats your marathon time” really threw me. It was a good ice breaker, and completely unexpected.”

    “Tell me about “Environmental Perspectives of the Cherokee Nation” (undergrad course)”

    “What was _________ (specific class) all about?”

    “Where do the cold water currents originate in South America? (IM SERIOUS)”

    “How were you able to volunteer in a clinic in ______ without coming home and crying every night?”

    “What do you do to relax? Have your parents pressured you into medicine (told them both are in health care)?”

    “Asked about how past as a teacher would help as a physician”

    “They asked about a few of my file-specifics.”

    “none really”

    “How stressful do you think medical school will be?”

    “Describe the difference between Russian syntax and that of the Romance languages youve studied (as we were discussing which languages I took in college)”

    “What do you plan on doing after you have completed school and residency?”

    “Do you watch greys anatomy?”

    “What was your favorite class and why?”

    “What will be the biggest challenge you will face in medical school?”

    “Nothin, really.”

    “How would your twin brother (or any other family member) describe you in the context of becoming a physician?”

    “What is your favorite ice cream flavor (Because I spent a summer scooping ice cream)”

    “All the questions were pretty typical? But I was asked what I think of global warming…”

    “All the questions were pretty generic, none particularly interesting. It really was just a conversation.”

    “Did your grate-grandmother really was a pediatric sergeant?”

    “What class would you say has prepared you best for medical school? for becoming a physician?”

    “What is CASA?”

    “What do you do to relieve Stress”

    “Why dont you take off your jacket, relax a little bit, and….(insert question here). An interesting interview technique I hadnt encountered yet.”

    “You seem like a very calm person. Do you think people who know you well would describe you as calm? What gets you worked up?”

    “All of the questions since they were very personal, unlike any of the other interviews I previously had. They did not really ask me much about my application, since they already knew all those answers, but rather tried to get to know other aspects of who I am.”

    “What is your spirituality?”

    “What do you think is the most prevalent problem in healthcare today?”

    “What do you know about OMM techniques?”

    “I see you volunteered on ______ clinic and had a lot of patient contact. Was this depressing b/c the outcome/prognosis for ______ patients is not always the greatest? “

    “What kind of music I liked best.”

    “What impresses you about UNECOM?”

    “Who would you call in a case of an emergency/crisis/celebration? Why?”

    “What does my parents think about me applying to medical school?”

    “Your MCAT scores were low, so how do you know you will succeed in medical school?”

    “I dont think I was asked anything interesting, unfortunately. I was hoping for an opportunity to get personal, but the questions were a bit flat; not at all creative.”

    “Interviewers seemed to want to get to know me verses quiz me or try and stress me out. Questions and answers were elevated to conversations…very pleasant!”

    “How do you think you can apply osteopathic princiles and practices to a pediatric medical practice?”

    “What was the most interesting question that you have been asked at other medical school interviews and how did you respond?”

    “What is your connection with your country of birth? (linked to a previous answer)”

    “Why didnt you become a professional golf caddie? (I was one in high school and college)”

    “We know why you want to be a doctor. What has made you who you were- name life influences since grade 3.”

    “This question wasnt out of the blue, and it stemmed from a line of conversation we were having about nursing homes, and death: “What do you think of extraneous measures to prolong life in the elderly?” (Sounds like a loaded question, but it wasnt meant that way… at least I dont think it was.)”

    “Who is your favorite clarinet player? (Ive played clarinet for many years)”

    “Do you think Poe had syphallis and how did it affect his writing? (Im an English major)”

    “What do I do for fun outside of class?”

    “Tell us about New Visions-Health. I enjoyed talking about this program that I did my senior year of high school very much.”

    “Nothing really – basically asked me talk about the life changing events and influential people from grammar school on that led me to the interview that day”

    “So… your middle name is XXXX… howd you get that? (I have a very unusual middle name)”

    “You have a lot of excellent chemical research under your belt. Why do you want to come to a school whoose research program is just now developing?”

    “The interviewer asked about a specific class I took in college that had nothing to do with medicine, medical school, or anything I would have expected. He wanted to know what I had thought of the class, what I had learned, etc.”

    “What unique quality do you bring to the medical profession?”

    “With your research background and UNECOM not being known for its research, how will this affect your decision in matriculating through this institution?”

    “Have you thought about the debt you will end up with after medical school?”

    “About where I work. I work for a psychopharmacologist”

    “Since you are a competitve ice dancer, who are your idols in the sport and why?”

    “A question about the roots of my name…be prepared for anything random…”

    “What is your favorite childrens book? (Related to my current job)”

    “What do you like to do for fun?”

    “How do you think the medical system will change in the next decade?”

    “How will my experience in nursing school influence my experience/performance in medical school?”

    “Why did I want to enter a failing healthcare system as a DO “

    “You applied to both MD and DO programs. What will you do if you get into both an MD and DO program?”

    “code of honor that we follow in the Marines (I am a Marine)”

    “What role do physicians play in their community? (This question stemmed from some other things we were discussing)”

    “what difficulties have you faced in your effrot to get to medical school?”

    “What is my biggest fear about medical school?”

    “question about about a football game”

    “What are you looking for out of the community if you were to attend UNE?”

    “Nothing unusual…perhaps how will you deal with any criticism of osteopathy as a DO?”

    “(Brings me into the room, sits down, then asks this:)”Why? Why, why, why, why? (stares at me) Why? Why do you want to become part of a feild that, as some might say, has gone to hell in a hand basket, that has been inflitrated by people and groups of people that seek only to make money off it, thats has lost its luster of yester year… why?” “

    “What will be the most difficult adjustment for you to make once in medical school?”

    “tell us about your major influences from grade school on…”

    “Are you good with your hands? (in regards to whether I would be good at OMM)”

    “How does our school rate to others youve applied to? “

    “Was it hard to write a thesis on logic after studying Zen in Japan?”

    “Describe your life since the 3rd grade and how you were formed into the person you are today.”

    “Trace the important events and shaping influences in your life from 3rd grade forward.”

    “sorry about the previous post. I did it last night after having arrived from a long travel back. I was half asleep and half somewhere else… and I know I made some spelling errors. Eg. Most Where –> were and others.. I am sure you can find them. hehehehe sorry”

    “How do you see the jump from evidence based science to a medical field in need of more research/evidence? Field continouly being challanged?”

    “If you have a patient, as a primary care physician, who is terminally ill with cancer, 5 months to live, and you refer him out to a specialist, what role do you have with him after that? What can you for him in that position?”

    “What is Veterinary Entomology and why did you take that as an undergrad?”

    “we discussed the topic of how things are included in the curriculum with so many new advances and new emphasis like bioterrorism”

    “Tell us about yourself.”

    “Why osteopathic medicine in particular?”

    “General personality question and how it might affect my learning.”

    “Living primarily in urban settings what attracts you to the small town community feel of UNECOM?”

    “What was your high school ACT score?”

    “what all I have done since I got to Maine and how my trip was”

    “Tell us about the journey that led you to a DO school.”

    “What do you know about evolutionary psychology?”

    “The interviewers asked me why I had decided to interview at the UNECOM when I had already received multiple acceptances and they asked if I was definitely planning on attending UNECOM. I thought that it was a tad forward, but it wasnt really hard to answer. I was just truthful about what had attracted me to apply to the school, what I liked about UNECOM that had dawned upon me during my visit and that I was still assessing my options in terms of which school I would attend.”

    “Did your cousin (thoracic surgeon) help you with your application? (I guess they thought a 21-year-old was not capable of writing such good essays…)”

    “Where do you see yourself in ten years? (thats always a tough one, hopefully as a doctor, if you let me in!)”

    “The questions were standard. They just wanted to get to know you. My impression was that they were trying to make sure that I was normal, human. “

    “How would I go about treating a terminally ill cancer patient with only 6 months to live.”

    “They asked me when I wrote a paper on a picture at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, why did I choose the picture I did.”

    “Why Maine, why UNECOM?”

    “What are your hobbies?/Do you read?/What is your favorite movie (LOTR trilogy was a good answer because the DO was a Tolkien fan!)/What kind of music do you listen to?”

    “Where do you see yourself practicing in 10 years?”

    “I didnnt really get any interesting questions asked of me. They were all very typical medical school interview style questions.”

    ” I was asked quesxtions about some courses I took and their content.”

    “Tell me about the research you are involved in.”

    “I was asked about an alternate food guide pyramid that was coming out because I am a Nutrition major”

    “They asked me about fishing. I mentioned it as one of my hobbies and the interviewers told me about how great the bluefish and stripers were when in season. This actually took almost half of my interview time. I think they did this to put me at ease. It was something I had no problem talking about and it showed they did want to get to know the person, not just the student or volunteer or worker.”

    “Did you attend the Jungle Warfare Training School in Panama? (Nope… Okinawa.)”

    “why DO and why at UNECOM/in Maine”

    “What are your hobbies?”

    “What was the most challenging circumstance you have experienced?”

    “What did you think we were going to ask you that we havent asked yet?”

    “What was the most hardest thing you had to deal wih, while volunteering in the ER ?”

    “I was asked to discuss my thesis research. They asked the results of the study.”

    “What is the single most important accomplishment or event in your life that you take the most pride in or that has brought you the most satisfaction in life thus far?”

    “Why dont you want to be a psychiatrist? (my father is one)”

    “I was asked about my research.”

    “Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (not the most interesting thing that can be asked, but it was for this interview)”

    “How I could possibly have art history as an interest?”

    “If your best friend were sitting here at this table, what would he/she tell us about you?”

    “nothin hard at all…Very, very stress free and relaxing.”

    “DO you see a difference between allopathic and osteopathic schools in that they will affect how you plan to treat patients?”

    “I was asked if I was aware that Maine had just been classified as a rural state (including Portland).”

    “The most interesting question was about an obscure area of research in my field of study. They really knew my essays!”

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