Vcu Nursing Acceptance Rate

2022 Best Nursing Schools: Master’sThe best nursing schools for master’s degrees have programs that focus on patient care and case management. The master’s programs are specialized in areas like acute care, pediatric care, obstetrics and psychiatric care. The coursework for a Master’s of Science in Nursing goes in-depth on topics like management, research and social and physical sciences.

vcu nursing acceptance rate

2022 Best Nursing Schools: Doctor of Nursing PracticeThese schools are the best for a nurse looking to pursue the terminal degree in the field. A Doctor of Nursing is an in-depth program that focuses on advanced practice and diagnosis and treatment of disease. A Doctor of Nursing, or DNP, is a practice doctorate that is usually recommended to train registered nurses to become independent primary care providers.

vcu nursing acceptance rate

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Nursing professionals can specialize in many areas for these master’s or DNP degrees. Nurses are needed at every stage of a patient’s life, from infancy to older adulthood.

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