Is a Communications Degree Worth It? [2022 Guide]

Students who earn a degree in Communication Studies successfully find employment opportunities in a variety of areas where effective interpersonal, organizational, intercultural, ethical, and, or media savvy communication expertise is required.

Communications Major: Good Or Bad Degree?

Communication Majors are in High-Demand

Communication is one of the top degree paths for students to pursue, and for good reason. Strong communication is at the root of every successful organization, business, and team. Whether its interpersonal, intercultural, written, spoken, digital, or all of the above, earning your degree in communication will provide you with the foundation to succeed anywhere.

Here are seven great reasons to earn your Communication Studies bachelor’s degree at Ferris State University.

Are Communications Degrees Worth Anything in the Job Market?

Yes, a communications degree is something that can open big doors in the job market. Job availability for media and communication occupations is expected to grow about 4 percent in the next decade. That’s about the same pace as the overall job market.

One of the things really giving life to the communications field right now is the explosion of new media platforms and outlets. Brands need people who know how to create, disseminate, and edit media and messages across platforms more than ever.

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What is especially exciting for new graduates with communications degrees is that they can choose to work for traditional organizations or jump to emerging platforms that are doing very innovative work.

Further Education – How to Move Up in Communications

You may decide that you’d like to earn a master’s degree once you begin your career. This can be a great move if your goal is to reach an executive or supervisory role.

There are actually two good options for people in the communications field seeking advanced degrees. The first is a Master’s in Communications. The second is a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

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Deciding which degree path you want to follow should be based on the career you’re carving out. Those who are interested in becoming experts in strategic communication may be very satisfied by what they are able to take away from an advanced degree in communications.

Those looking for diverse training may be pleased with the doors opened by an MBA program.


Why should you major in communications?

Communication degree programs are known for equipping students with excellent skills in speaking, writing, thinking critically, using evolving technology and interacting productively with other people, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Why did you choose communication studies?

Communication skills and experience are vital in today’s world and job market. Students focusing on communication studies develop a strong foundation that ensures career possibilities are endless, some of which are detailed in the success stories of our graduates.

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