Is Sociology a Good Major? [2022 Guide]

5 Reasons Why you SHOULDN’T study Sociology | Sociology at University of Bath #BelongAtBath

Our majors are admitted into some of the most competitive masters and doctoral programs. There are a few reasons why our majors stand out.

The sociological perspective and research methods give our majors a unique ability to analyze the social world. A recent graduate told us:

Following graduation, sociology majors in 2019-2021 were hired in a wide variety of jobs, including in finance, the non-profit sector, government, policy research, health care, management consulting, labor relations, education, the legal system, marketing, and the tech industry.

Second, majoring in sociology also affords students many opportunities to develop strong writing samples that enhance their applications to graduate programs. Several of our courses devote sustained attention throughout the semester to the craft of evaluating social scientific evidence, writing effectively about social science research, and producing new social science research. Students who complete an honors thesis in Sociology will also be especially well prepared for graduate admissions and studies.

Sociology provides an excellent foundation for applying to law school and business school because of the critical thinking and analytic skills that you develop as a major. In fact, many of the top law schools and business schools have been adding sociologists to their faculty, because they recognize the value of sociological perspectives and methods.

What Is the Difference Between a BA vs. BS in Sociology?

Programs for a Bachelor of Science in Sociology usually place greater emphasis on the statistical and scientific research aspects of this field.

If you have your sights set on a graduate degree in sociology and a career in social science research, this might be the program to choose. Schools with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology usually offer more opportunities for students to study liberal arts subjects and take elective courses.

If you want to pair this major with another area of study—such as counseling, education, or business—a BA program may give you greater flexibility to do so.

Common Coursework Sociology Majors Can Expect

Required coursework for sociology majors includes an introduction to basic principles of analysis. Students study societies throughout time and examine their direction, what went right and what went wrong. They take courses to help build their research techniques, develop methods of observation, and learn how to establish surveys and questionnaires.

Once students build a foundation of analysis and research methods, they apply those resources to study the population. Students in this major may take classes on race and ethnic relations, family interactions, drugs and crime in society, sex and gender, the aging population and retirement, and more. They could study the effects of media, the impact of religious beliefs or the difference between city and suburban living. Students then formulate thoughts and actions based on their observations. Some bachelors degree programs have an option to choose a focus, such as law, social services or world development.


Why should I major in sociology?

Sociology enhances students’ understanding of how social organizations function, how cultural diversity can be a strength of a society, and how power operates in organizations and social interaction. Further, sociology enhances skills that are crucial to successful careers.

Is a sociology major a good major?

Yes, sociology is a good major for many undergraduate students. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting 5% job growth in life, physical, and social science occupations over the next 10 years.

What are sociology majors good at?

Sociology majors often pursue careers in social services, such as counselors, police officers, social workers and educators. Some pursue management roles that put their skills in human behavior analysis to practice, like jobs in human resources.

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