Is Management Information Systems a Good Major? [2022 Guide]

Majoring in management information systems (MIS) is a way to gain hands-on experience in database design, accounting principles, project management, management principles, and software programming. This skill base gives graduates a platform to explore their career interests, whether they lie in technology or business.


Computer and Information Systems Manager

Computer and information systems managers deal with computer-related activities in an organization.

They plan, coordinate, and direct everything that is computer-related within the company.

Computer network architects work with data communication networks.

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They design and build those networks for their company. This includes local area networks (LANs), intranets, and wide area networks (WANs).

Database administrators store and organize data using specialized software. Database administrators can have varying work environments. Many of them work in firms that provide computer design services for others.

They can also work in industries that have large databases. Insurance companies and educational institutions are examples of these kinds of industries.

What Are the Best Certifications for MIS Majors?

There are various certification options available to MIS majors that can help further your career. There are specialized certifications, such as business intelligence.

There are also professional certifications. The main ones are Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP), and Certified Information System Auditor (CISA).

Each certification has its own set of requirements, which may include a certification exam, a certain amount of hours of experience, and education or professional development hours.

What’s the difference between a Computer Science and MIS degree? | Back to Start Computer Science (CS) programs focus on the theoretical side of computers, data structures, networks and coding. CS programs are typically offered in science and engineering colleges at universities whereas Management Information Systems (MIS) programs are offered in business colleges. MIS focuses on the information and systems needed to manage organizations efficiently and effectively. MIS professionals must be tech-savvy, people-orientated and business smart to be fully successful in today’s competitive environment. At UT, we only offer the MIS degree.

How important are professional certifications? | Back to Top Like work experience, earning certifications in IT gives college graduates a competitive edge in the job market. At UT, we give students the opportunity to earn several certifications. During the senior year, all MIS majors take the Information Systems Analyst (ISA) certification exam. Also, we offer the TERP10 Academy, which provides intensive training to become a SAP Certified Business Associate. Some students take special classes dedicated to passing rigorous exams such as the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) exam. During the MIS program, students learn about the various certifications available in the field and are encouraged to pursue those that are consistent with professional goals

Can you provide more information about job opportunities as an MIS graduate? | Back to Top Five of the top 30 fastest-growing occupations through 2016 are related to computer-based information systems, according to employment projections published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Moreover, the information technology field is expected to grow faster than the average for all related occupations.

Could the MIS major prepare me to be a chief information officer (CIO) in a company? | Back to Top Yes, a CIO or chief technology officer (CTO) is the most senior executive in an enterprise responsible for the information technology and systems that support organizational goals. The MIS major is ideal for preparing someone for this position if that is a professional goal.

How important is experience in landing your first job? | Back to Top Gaining relevant experience in the IT field is strongly recommended during the college years. At UT, we have an internship program that helps students earn valuable working experience. Generally speaking, college graduates with experience have a competitive edge over those who do not – which is true with all fields, not just with IT.


Is MIS the best business major?

Management information systems majors are projected to have the highest starting salary among Class of 2020 business graduates earning bachelor’s degrees, according to NACE’s Winter 2020 Salary Survey.

What does an MIS major do?

Management Information Systems (MIS) combines computer technology with management decision-making methods—to analyze, design, implement and manage computerized information systems in an organizational environment.

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