would statistics be a good major for fbi

Are you someone looking for thrill and excitement in your career life and not feel satisfied with the idea of a 9 to 5 desk job than becoming an FBI Agent will fulfil your desire along with a reward of serving the community. There are various types of FBI Agents, a special agent is one of the most common ones, and their primary duty is to gather intelligence, investigate terrorism, counterintelligence, cybercrime, public corruption, civil rights, organized crime, white-collar crime, violent crime, and protect the national security of the United States.

Although becoming an agent looks very attractive, getting into the field requires a different set of skills and a relevant FBI bachelor’s degree. There are set requirements for different roles you play at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Other than the qualifications, there are some traits that an FBI agent needs when working in the field. Some are patience, good communication skills, analytical skills, strong willpower, and physical strength. As the FBI is not any other law enforcement agency, the agents’ cases are far more complex and risky. Therefore, one needs to be well prepared before coming into the field.

First, please understand that the FBI does not hire agents right out of college; they require three years of professional work experience, with rare exceptions.

Second, understand that while Criminal Justice or some related degree might appear to be a logical choice, it will not put you on the fast track for recruitment.

These skill sets change periodically based on the changing crime and threat picture. For example, when the Bureau was created, lawyers and accountants were most in need. Those degrees are still valued, but they are no longer at the very top of the list. Computer sciences, engineering, and the “hard” sciences are in high demand, including intelligence and military or police tactical team backgrounds.

The key is having a very well-rounded and rigorous academic and work background that reflects your ability to contribute special skills and bring your intellect, judgment, and work ethic to the job.

If you choose a degree program that is not rigorous or related to critical areas, you will likely not fall within the prioritized needs for recruitment. That doesn’t mean you won’t be hired or wouldn’t make a great agent. It just means you’ll find it more challenging to get your foot in the door and pass through the recruitment process. I hope this helps.

This article will share some of the degrees needed for becoming an FBI agent apart from that. We will also discuss some of the best colleges for FBI agents. Keep on reading to learn more about what degree you need to become an FBI agent.

Suppose you have the passion for becoming an FBI agent. You must prepare yourself beforehand and get the prior experience that will eventually help you make a stronger portfolio. There aren’t any specific degrees for FBI agents. However, it is essential to have a bachelor’s college degree or higher education from an accredited college or university to become an FBI agent.

This article will provide you with some of the Best Majors For FBI Special Agents and FBI accredited colleges.

The 10 Best Career Paths For a Statistics Major

Choosing the Best Degrees for FBI Career

A variety of majors are ideal for FBI agents. The key is focusing on an area of study that appeals to your personal interests and that relates to your career goals. The FBI does not have a specific major that is ideal for the work but does require every candidate for a position to obtain a bachelor’s degree or higher in their education. The 10 best degrees for FBI special agents are:

1. Criminal Justice 2. Computer Science 3. Cybersecurity 4. Finance/Forensic Accounting 5. Forensic Science 6. International Studies 7. Law 8. Public Safety Administration 9. Psychology 10. Sociology

To choose the best degree for federal law enforcement and FBI agents, Criminal Justice Degree Hub editors focused on skills, not titles, looking for majors that would develop and hone the skills the FBI looks for in a candidate.

Majors are presented in alphabetical order.

would statistics be a good major for fbi

When you are looking for the best majors for FBI special agents, you may consider a criminal justice degree. A degree in criminal justice teaches you the basics you need to understand the processes associated with the prosecution and conviction of a crime. It also teaches you the process used to rehabilitate individuals and the ways that those who commit crimes are managed in the justice system. You learn about the causes of crime as well as the way the courts in America work to ensure justice after a crime is committed.

A criminal justice degree is ideal for a role in the FBI as a violent crime analyst, a profiler, or in a related area of criminal investigation within the FBI. It is also a good choice for individuals who want to work as field agents. It gives a strong foundation on the theories behind criminal behavior and helps field agents recognize the potential aspects of a crime that may apply to an investigation.

would statistics be a good major for fbi

Computer science is a good option when you are looking for the best degree for federal law enforcement in the counterintelligence department. Students studying computer science learn about the software and software systems that are used on computers. It teaches students to recognize software that is not supposed to be on a computer, as well as ways to deal with potential problems that arise. The degree program helps students recognize ways to improve the function of a computer system.

The counterintelligence department of the FBI focuses on resolving problems associated with spying and espionage. In a modern environment, that means taking measures to protect against spying through computers and digital devices. You may also have options to work in counter-terrorism by identifying signs of extremism that may lead to terrorism or working with others in counter-terrorism to gather evidence against individuals after they have been arrested.

The best degree for federal law enforcement careers that relate to computers and online systems is cybersecurity. The degree program teaches students to diagnose a problem with a computer system and propose realistic solutions based on their training in computer science, computer engineering, and management. The degree program takes an interdisciplinary approach due to the complexity of cybersecurity and ensuring that a computer system within the government is safe from potential hacking or outside attacks.

The way cybersecurity applies to your work as an FBI agent depends on your role within the agency. You may work as an intelligence analyst or in surveillance, which means your experience and training help you identify potential problems before it results in more complex issues. You may also work in counter-intelligence to prevent hacking and the loss of data. It is particularly important if you are working in cybercrime, since the training you receive teaches you to recognize a problem and take measures to correct the issue. It helps you identify the crime and take measures to identify the person behind the crime.

would statistics be a good major for fbi

A degree in finance or forensic accounting may not be the first major you consider when looking into options for a career as an FBI agent, but it is a good choice if you are looking for the best majors for FBI special agents. A degree in finance or forensic accounting focuses on teaching you the basics of accounting and finance, as well as the way an individual may commit a crime through changes to the numbers or data. It teaches you to identify falsified loans, signs of bribery, Ponzi schemes, and related crimes.

In the FBI, you can apply your degree in forensic accounting to criminal investigation careers. The FBI hires forensic accountants to identify finance crimes as well as to prosecute the crimes. You work as an accountant to look through company records and ensure that information is accurate. You also look for signs of a cover-up or illegal financial activities that suggest a crime and investigate further after identifying a potential concern.

would statistics be a good major for fbi

Forensic science seems like an obvious choice for the FBI. The degree program teaches you how to examine evidence without contaminating the evidence or the crime scene. It also teaches you to administer tests on the evidence and interpret the data from the test. You are then taught how to put the data into a concise and clear report for prosecutors or other professionals in law enforcement.

Forensic science is a useful degree for an FBI agent because it allows you to work as a field agent and gather evidence when a crime occurs. It also allows you to work in a lab to analyze data or to work directly with a prosecutor to present data in a court. The role of a forensic scientist depends on the situation, but the FBI hires forensic scientists for a variety of roles to help with criminal investigations.

would statistics be a good major for fbi

International studies may not be the obvious choice for students who want to work with the FBI, but it is a good option if you are looking for a major to get started in a law enforcement career. The degree program teaches students about different cultures and their history, as well as the politics and economics that come out of other nations. The interdisciplinary approach used in international studies prepares students for the challenges of working on counterintelligence, counter-terrorism, and related areas of the FBI.

The way the FBI benefits from a degree in international studies is the unique perspective it brings into the workplace. Students who learn about the history and politics of other countries are able to recognize signs of espionage at home. It also helps with counter-terrorism goals by understanding the culture of the terrorists and helping profilers or analysts evaluate the data to save lives. The major prepares students for a wide array of roles within the FBI.

would statistics be a good major for fbi

Obtaining a degree in law is a good choice if you want to work in the FBI. The degree teaches students about different areas of the legal system and the laws of the country. You have different areas of study you may pursue when obtaining a law degree, so you will want to look into the different options before finalizing your concentration to ensure that it fits in with the FBI and law enforcement. You can study criminal law or areas of law that relate to politics, international relations, and related fields.

A major in law benefits students who want to work in the FBI because it prepares them to work with criminal profilers or violent crime analysts. You are also able to work with field agents to identify when a crime occurs and what options are available in the law. Since criminal law is very complex, students who specialize in specific areas of the law may benefit when it comes to their career objectives.

would statistics be a good major for fbi

A public safety administration degree prepares students for a career in the FBI working in administration positions or working with analysts in relation to public safety. The degree program teaches students about risk management, public policy, and strategic planning as it applies to populations and groups. The goal of the degree is to prepare students to work in public safety positions and understand how their decisions impact the public.

The FBI hires professionals with a public safety administration degree for roles in their counter-terrorism efforts, as well as any other administrative areas that may result in policies or adjustments to policies for greater public health. It also allows individuals to work on counter-intelligence by identifying and recognizing risks from abroad. Public safety administration studies the role of global and international policies on actions at home, so it prepares students to handle problems that may come from other nations.

would statistics be a good major for fbi

When you want to work with the FBI, a degree in psychology is a good option for your goals. A psychology degree focuses on the connection between the mind and behavior. It teaches students about problems within the brain or the thought processes of an individual that may lead to unusual or potentially dangerous behaviors. It also studies the way behavior is adjusted through different systems. The degree program looks at the history behind common theories and the way ideas have changed over time.

A psychology degree is useful to the FBI when it comes to criminal investigations and behavior analysis. You can take on the role of a profiler, a behavior analyst, or a related position within the FBI. You can also work as a field agent on criminal investigations with the focus on recognizing patterns of behavior and striving to identify or find an individual who committed a crime based on their actions.

would statistics be a good major for fbi

When you are looking for a major that works well with a career in the FBI, sociology is a good choice for your goals. The degree program focuses on teaching students about the way social institutions and groups form in a society. It looks at groups within a population, or the population as a whole, to try to find patterns in collective behavior and actions. It also looks into the ethics associated with collective behavior and organizations to evaluate the role of social groups on individuals.

The way sociology works well with a career in the FBI is the focus on groups and collective behavior. The degree prepares you to work in counter-terrorism with a focus on identifying the ideologies and behaviors of groups that may lead to terrorist activities. It also helps with criminal investigations when large groups or organizations are involved in the crime. The FBI benefits from understanding the role of collective behavior in crime, so you may work with behavior analysts, profilers, or violent crime analysts.

As technology continues to advance, more people than ever use computer systems and servers to store and retrieve data. Agents at the FBI must also use technology during their daily obligations, so knowing how to use computer systems and servers is vital. As an FBI agent, you will store case files and reports on your computer, and you must transfer those files to a central database securely. Knowing how to protect your reports from prying eyes is another essential skill you can’t overlook if you want to have a successful career.

Since many companies store customer names, credit card numbers and other sensitive information, the attacker could then steal the identities of each person in the database. Cybercrime is so common across the globe that it has become a $600 billion industry. As people and company’s struggle to stay ahead, the cat-and-mouse game continues. As an FBI agent specializing in cybercrimes, you discourage such crimes by bringing the ones who commit them to justice.

A degree in psychology uncovers many secrets to human behavior, making you a much more effective FBI agent. You will learn to decode the motivations of different criminals based on their past experiences and the way they commit their crimes. With this information, you have a shot at predicting where a criminal will strike next before he does, which can save lives and prevent tragic experiences from taking place.

Cybercrimes are becoming more prevalent each year, and the criminals who commit these crimes will often go unnoticed. Identity theft and the unauthorized access of servers are among some of the most common cybercrimes, and they sometimes go together. For example, a criminal could use a range of attacks to access a company’s internal network.

As you read, you will discover how each degree program helps you launch your FBI career, and you can use this information to choose an option that makes the most sense for you.

Cyber Security

Cycle crimes are increasingly becoming one of the common problems that agents have to deal with. The common issues faced are phishing attacks, malware, online credential breach, debit or credit card fraud, and identity theft. All companies need to make sure that their data is not accessible to cybercriminals. As in the modern world companies compete with one another, issues of data theft are commonly experienced by many companies. To make sure that such falconries are in control, FBI agents who are specialized in cybercrimes keeps a stronghold.

A degree in cybersecurity helps the agents in solving complex computing problems and find solutions in due time. The employment rate for cybersecurity agents has increased in the past couple of years as digital crimes have increased. There are different roles at the FBI in which a major in cybersecurity will make your job much more comfortable. If you are an intelligence analyst or in surveillance, having this degree will resolve the issue for they turn into complex once. The same goes for agents working in cybercrime and counterintelligence.

Some of the colleges for FBI agents that offer cybersecurity are:

  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • University of Southern California
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign
  • FAQ

    What degree does FBI require?

    In this guide, you will learn about the top 10 best degrees for a career at the FBI:
    • Criminal Justice.
    • Computer Science.
    • Cyber Security.
    • Finance.
    • Forensic Accounting.
    • International Studies.
    • Public Safety Administration.
    • Psychology.

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